Pollution Solutinos and Designs services psd

The services PSD offers are quite specific. We work in sewage and water treatment process design. Our main experience is in biosolids (sludge) thickening, stabilisation, dewatering, storage, outloading, odour control and beneficial use. Within this area we provide quite a range of experience from strategic planning to detailed design. Some of the major areas we work in are:

  • strategic planning
  • options reports
  • concept design
  • detailed design
  • tender documentation
  • environmental impact assessment (REF/EIS)
  • decision analysis models
  • environmental audit
  • project management
  • plant commissioning and optimisation

More recently PSD has developed strongly in the area of sustainability. PSD provides sustainability audits, develops sustainability strategies, education and training, helps Councils implement Local Agenda 21 programmes and helps business improve the operations by being more sustainable.

Depending on the nature of your project and how you would like to work, PSD's involvement can range from providing expert advice on strategic directions of components of a project to full detailed design of a part or all of the plant. In this respect we believe it is a case of working out what the best approach is for our clients and their community.