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PSD has completed a wide range of projects for many clients. Some examples of typical projects are described briefly below.


Liverpool STP anaerobic digester
Anaerobic Digester - Liverpool STP

Recent digester projects include detailed review of digester operation at Malabar STP and supervising construction of a new sequential gas lance mixed digester at Liverpool STP.



Heat Drying Plant Concept Designs for Liverpool and Wollongong STPs

PSD prepared preliminary designs for dryers at Wollongong, Liverpool and Cronulla STPs and has also evaluated drying options at many other plants. Our staff have first hand experience with dryer operations.

Wollongong STP heat drying plant
Warrnambool STP quick dry dewatering system

Deskins Quick Dry Dewatering System - Warrnambool STP

PSD designed the first Deskins Quick Dry Dewatering System in Australia, producing up to 50% cake solids in as little as 5 day drying cycles. This technology could revolutionise biosolids dewatering.


Centrifuge Dewatering, Biosolids Storage and Odour Control Systems - Liverpool STP

Three of the largest enclosed biosolids storages in Australia are designed by PSD including ventilation and odour control systems for both lime amended and dewatered cake biosolids products.

Liverpool STP

Woodman Point STP dewatered cake outloading

Woodman Point STP Biosolids Processing Plant

The only egg shaped digesters in Australia, along with high solids centrifuges and silo storage for dewatered cake were another project which shows PSD's innovative approach to design.


client list

water authorities and

  • Wagga Wagga City Council
  • South West Water Authority
  • Wyong Council
  • Barwon Water
  • Riverina Water County Council
  • Sydney Water
  • Water Authority, Western Australia
  • Ministry of Environment, Singapore
  • manufacturing

  • Blue Circle Southern
  • Green's Foods Limited
  • Quality Bakers Australia
  • Supercoat Petcare
  • PrePact
  • Barton Addison and Sons
  • Allgold Foods
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  • Clough Engineering
  • Australian Water Services
  • Thames Water
  • Purac
  • Henry Walker Eltin
  • Tolco
  • Credere Building and Civil
  • Kilpatrick Green
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  • Montgomery Watson
  • Acor Consultants
  • Brown and Root (formerly Kinhill)
  • Ross Fraser Consulting
  • Alchemy Sciences
  • Addicoat Hogarth Wilson
  • others

  • Sydney Central Health Services
  • Department of Defence