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Paul Darvodelsky: Solids Handling Specialist, Managing Director

"I started PSD in 1997 to try and build a structure which was better suited to delivering focussed services. I worked previously with some of the large consulting firms and felt I could be more responsive to clients in a more flexible work environment. I find that this flexibility and freedom engenders greater creativity, which gives better results, which in turn is more fun and more satisfying for me and our clients. So far, so good!"

About Paul    
PaulPaul is a chemical engineer with nearly 20 years experience in municipal, industrial water and waste water treatment. He specialises in process selection and design with specific interest in biosolids treatment, management, beneficial use and disposal and has been involved in the design, construction and operation of over 50 water and waste water solids handling facilities. Paul has worked with all aspects of solids handling and has prepared a large number of biosolids strategies and designs for Water Authorities throughout SE Asia.

Paul's typical role in our projects is being responsible for the overall technical direction and ensuring that the process designs and concepts are correct. Paul pays particular attention to ensuring a co-ordinated approach and providing the least cost solution which has an acceptable risk to the client.

Paul also is trained and experienced in environmental audit, sustainability, community participation and environmental assessment.


Eugene Izis: Principal Electrical Engineer

"I've been working in engineering for a long time. One of the great pleasures is working with people who know what they are doing and have the answers at their finger tips. This is what makes projects run smoothly and be successful. This is why I enjoy working with PSD."

About Eugene    

Eugene Eugene is an electrical engineer with over 25 years experience in the water and wastewater industries. Eugene specialises in all aspects of electrical engineering as it relates to wastewater projects and has worked on a large number of treatment plant projects in process control, power supply and general electrical design.

Eugene is typically responsible for the electrical portions of our projects and ensuring that the process designs and concepts are correct.